Keyed Alike and Keyed Differ or Master Keyed in residential and commercial buildings explained

  • Keyed Differ (KD)

When locks and cylinders are Keyed Differ (KD), it means each lock has its own unique key, one which cannot be used in any other lock in the building. Such as SOU entry door locks to a typical residential building

Keyed Differ keying system for residential and commercial buildings


  • Keyed Alike (KA)

Keyed Alike system will allow all locks within a set to be opened with the same key. This option is a great time saver for strata and building managers in residential apartment blocks to have for example Service risers' locks, keyed alike.

JUST IMAGINE; ONE key to open all locks.

Keyed Alike keying system for residential and commercial buildings


  • Master Keyed (MK)

In a Master Keyed system, each individual lock can only be opened by a key specifically designed for that lock, similar to KD - however there is also one key that unlocks all the locks and cylinders in a set. Master Keys are beneficial for building, strata and facilities managers and supervisors to keep for instances when the need to override the system and remove a lockout device arises.

master Keyed keying system for residential and commercial buildings


  • Please email or call us to assist you with your keying requirements, locks and cylinders and the type of keying.
  • meanwhile this guide from ASSA ABLOY may be a good read