Our door hardware scheduling service can save you time and money with thorough planning.

Our technical expertise will ensure your projects in any size meet the National Construction Code (BCA), Fire door Standards such as AS1905, DDA approved hardware and that Disability codes and access requirements are correctly scheduled to suit your project’s needs and budget.

By providing your project documentation such as floor plans, door schedule, fire engineering report and more, we’ll prepare a detailed door by door hardware schedule.

The Door by Door hardware schedule drafted by us, will indicate all hardware used on each individual door required in your project, no matter the size of your project - having one door or as many as 1000 - 

You can forward the Door by Door hardware schedule to your Door manufacturers for tender, Tradesmen for ease of installation and the smooth completion of your project and access consultants amongst others.

Our experience can assist you with planning, estimating and selecting the right security, access control and keying systems, door types, door handles, escutcheons, locks, hinges, smoke seals, electric strikers and many more.

This means you don’t have to revisit a project once the door hardware schedule has been drafted and assures maximum safety and peace of mind.

Call us on 1300 13 73 68 and talk to our friendly, specialist consultants about creating your complimentary door hardware schedule.

Address all your door hardware costing and security needs with us – that’s one less item for you to handle