According to the NSW Government;

“A fire safety statement is a document issued by or on behalf of the owner(s) of an existing building.
The statement confirms that a competent fire safety practitioner has assessed, inspected and verified the performance of each fire safety measure that applies to the building.”

In NSW there are two types of fire safety statements:

  • Annual fire safety statements
  • Supplementary fire safety statements

The Annual Fire Safety Statement or AFSS in short, must cover all the essential fire safety measures that apply to the building in question. The statement must be issued each year. A competent fire safety practitioner CFSP must inspect the relevant fire safety measure they are accredited for and should confirm that the exit systems in the building are in compliance with the Regulation.

However the supplementary fire safety statement shall be issued at more regular intervals, as stated in the fire safety schedule, for any essential fire safety measures specific to that particular building.

Fire Door Factory is a fully insured Competent Fire Safety Practitioner or CFSP with FPAS accreditation for the below Fire Safety Measures:

  • Division 7 Miscellaneous fire safety offenses
  • Exit Signs
  • Fire doors
  • Lightweight construction
  • Smoke doors
  • Solid core doors

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