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Fire Door Control Systems

Fire Door control systems such as Fire Door Closer, Sequence Selector, and Transom systems help to control the opening, closing, and latching of single and double Fire Doors.

They are an integral part of any Fire Door Set in that they assure the Fire Door latched automatically and held in the closed position to limit the spread of fire into other parts of the building. 

If you are not sure which product is appropriate for your Fire Door application, Please contact our Specification team or call us on 1300 137 368 and talk to our friendly, specialist consultants.

Fire door control systems are used to control the opening, closing and latching of single and double fire doors and smoke doors. These systems, which include sequence selectors, fire-rated door closers and Transom Systems are essential to any fire door set, as they keep doors closed and limit the spread of fire and smoke to other fire compartments and parts of the building.

If you need a quality door closer for a fire-rated door, look no further than Fire Door Factory. We're Sydney's most trusted fire door and fire door hardware specialists, installing our control systems all across Sydneyon apartment unit entry doors, fire stair doors, exit doors, Service cupboard riser Fire Doors and more.

Our diverse inventory of control systems is sourced from Australia's leading door hardware suppliers and manufacturers. 

Each system is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets our expectations and is 100% compliant with Australian building codes and standards. Of course, we offer much more than fire door control systems - we also carry a wide range of crash bars, upgrade sealssmoke sealslocks and latches, and an array of fire door furniture, including leversets, push and pull plates as well as plated levers.

With Fire Door Factory, you shouldn't have any difficulty finding a fire door control system that's suited to your fire door. Our devices can be installed on hinged and pivoted doors, single doors, double doors, timber, metal, glass, narrow-framed, and wooden doors. If you'd like, our expert team can install for you.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the Customer responsibility to select the products required. It is assumed that all customers are aware of the requirements set by the NCC and Australian Standards such as AS1905.1 and AS1530.4 and products are selected based on the technical information provided by the fire door manufacturers such as E-Core®, Pyropanel®, Firecore® amongst others

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If you're unsure about which of our fire door control systems is appropriate for your fire door, our specialists would be happy to help. You can contact our team of specialists with any questions you may have by calling 1300 137 368 or filling out our online form. We'll be in touch within 48 hours.

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Briton 1130 Fire rated Door Closer - Size 2-6
  • From $144.00

Fire Door Closer


Briton 200 Fire rated Door Closer - Size 3
  • $74.90
  • $70.00

Fire Door Closer

Briton 3000 Double Fire Door Sequence Selector
  • $65.00

Fire Door Closer


Briton 1120 Fire rated Door Closer - Size 2-4
  • $127.00
  • From $95.00

Fire Door Closer


Dorma TS77 Door Closer - Size 1-3
  • $95.00
  • $68.00

Fire Door Closer