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Briton brand has been synonymous with the very best in fire door controls and fire exit hardware.

The Briton 560, 570, and 580 Series has been designed to offer modular solutions to panic exit applications with a superior and refined aesthetic, designed and manufactured in Italy. The Briton 376 Series is designed to provide immediate escape and still incorporates all the features and benefits expected from an exit device that is branded Briton.

Please watch the below video to better understand different egress and Panic devices

video copyrights belong to VonDuprinSafety and Briton and Allegion

Briton branded ranges of door controls and exit devices have earned an enviable reputation for performance and reliability. Through constant design and development, we also help to meet the requirements of The Equality Act so that people with reduced mobility can enjoy ease of access to and within the built environment without compromising security

If you are not sure which product is appropriate for your Fire Door application, Please contact our Specification team or call us on 1300 137 368 and talk to our friendly, specialist consultants.


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sequence selector for fire rated double doors
Fire Door Sequence Selector
  • $45.50

Fire Door Closer


briton-1120-door closer-fire-rated-door-closer-fire-door-factory-sydney
Briton 1120 Fire Door Closer - Size 2-4
  • $162.00
  • From $98.60

Fire Door Closer

briton-1120-door closer-fire-rated-door-closer-fire-door-factory-sydney
Briton 1130 Fire Door Closer - Size 2-6
  • From $110.58

Fire Door Closer

Sold out

Single-Panic-Bolt-Briton 376e-Series-push-bar-exit-device
Briton Panic Bar 376E
  • $423.00

Exit and Panic Devices


briton-200-door closer-fire-rated-door-closer-fire-door-factory-sydney
Briton 200 Fire Door Closer - Size 3
  • $97.00
  • $76.50

Fire Door Closer