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Lorient is a multinational manufacturer with a wide variety of Door Sealing systems for Fire Doors and Smoke Doors including:

Intumescent seals

Perimeter seals

Automatic drop-down seals

Door bottom seals

Threshold Plates and Ramps

Medium temperature smoke seals (200°c)

Fire and medium temperature smoke seals

Fire and hot temperature smoke seals

Fire Door Upgrade Solutions

Intumescent Fire dampers

If you are not sure which product is appropriate for your Fire Door application, please contact our Specification team or call us on 1300 137 368 and talk to our specialist consultants.

    6 products found in Lorient Smoke Seals

    Sold out

    Kilargo IS7080si perimeter smoke and acoustic seal
    • From $190.00

    Perimeter Smoke Seal

    Sold out

    Kilargo IS4015 Fire Door Threshold plate
    • From $78.64

    Perimeter Smoke Seal

    Lorient LAS1602BB intumescent fire and smoke seal
    • From $38.00

    Home & Garden

    Sold out

    Lorient LAS8002 si Fire Door Drop Seal
    • From $75.00

    Perimeter Smoke Seal

    Lorient LDBU Fire door bottom gap upgrade seal
    • From $20.00

    Fire Door Bottom gap upgrade Seals

    Lorient LDPU Fire Door side gap upgrade seal
    • From $39.00

    Fire Door Side Gap Upgrade Seals